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Department of Anatomy

Previously, it was thought that study of Anatomy can be done only by dissecting dead bodies i.e. by naked eye observation. But now-a-days, only dissection is not sufficient for such studies the application of ever-growing modifications and extensions of various techniques and instruments become essential to supplement the knowledge ascertained by naked eye dissection such as micro-section which enables us to study the tissues having negligible thickness even upto A° Unit.

The discovery of electron microscope or histochemistry help us to have the detail study of the individual cells and its changes in different stages or in pathological conditions. Study of human genes deals with the transmission of physical, mental and biochemical characteristics along with some diseases from parents to off-springs. Studies of tissue and cells are the true extension of the parent discipline. M.R.I., C.T. Scan along with X-Ray. So to make the institution upto date we also introduced the microscopic study of the structures of different tissues along with dissection of dead bodies. We are also trying to introduce how to observe and read a MRI or CT Scan plate.

Section of different organs like hair, head, neck, kidney and heart along with other different organs are kept in the museum along with models, so that the students have a better conception about the exact shape and size of the viscera and how the interior of the organ looks like. A departmental library having books, diagrams and recent journals will be more helpful to the student than the central library so we are trying to have a departmental library.

To extract the best from the students regular examinations are conducted to pick up the poor performers and help them to improve their standard by taking special care such as giving group or individual coaching. Dr. Nina Sen is Professor & HOD of this department, having 18 years of experience in various medical colleges in West Bengal.

Dr. N. Ganguly, renowned Professor of Anatomy and he has teaching experience in different medical Colleges in W.B. since 12.2.73, attached to this institution as an Honorary Professor.