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Department of General Medicine

The subject of Medicine is a main subject in the Bachelor of Dental Surgery in the curriculum of Dental Council of India under the West Bengal University of Health Sciences.

The department is involved in various activities particularly regular theoretical classes of students & demonstration of clinical methods of examinations of all the systems, besides clinics in medicine in the indoor of the hospital attached to GNIDSR. In addition, the department holds tutorials, seminars and weekly tests among the students in presence of the intra-departmental faculty members.

The department is very well equipped with experienced Professor, other lecturers and clinical tutors.

During teaching, special emphasis is given on diseases of all the systems of our body with particular reference to head, neck, oral region and various bleeding disorders.

A dental student is taught in such a manner that he/she is able to diagnose the diseases by careful history taking and general examination of the different systems of the body including psychological disorders, auto immune and congenital diseases and also capable of handling medically compromised patients in dental practice.

The Head of the department is Dr. T.N. Ghosh, M.D.(Med), who is a retired Professor and Head of the prestigious and premiere institution like I.P.G.M.E.R & re-associated S.S.K.M. Hospital. After retirement he has joined here as Professor and Head of the department of Medicine.