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Department of Microbiology

The subject of Microbiology is one of the integral part of all the basics medical sciences as this subject deals with the pathogens causing various types of diseases and their mode and process of infecting our body & their isolation (separation for diagnosis) by different types of tests. In order to perform various tests with human body components i.e. blood, serum, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid, urine and other body extracts, this department has been equipped with many upgraded machinery installations. Some of them are Analytical balance (Range 0.1-2.00 mg) Binocular Microscope (CX-21, Olympus) and other instrumental devices for identification & treatment. In fact this infant department has grown steadily to such a level that in very near future this department can be comparable with other medical colleges of this state from the view of efficacy. This department is headed by Dr. Gobindadas De, MBBS(C.U.), D.C.H.(C.U.), MD(Microbiology) (B.H.U).