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Department of Oral & Maxillo-facial Pathology and Oral & Dental Anatomy and Histology

The speciality of Oral & Maxillo-facial Pathology deals with the diseases and disorders of the oral and maxillo-facial region specially relating to their clinico-pathological and diagnostic parameters. It is an extremely important specialist branch of modern dental sciences, as it involves teaching and training of various benign and malignant tumors of the jaws, oral mucosal ulcerated lesions, and oral pre-cancerous and cancerous conditions as well as training in Biopsy- Exfoliative cytology-Fine Needle Aspiration Cytological (FNAC) procedures. This speciality also deals with the clinico-patholical measures to be taken for diagnosis and prevention of tobacco induced oral pre cancerous lesions and conditions, at an early stage with a view to save the life of the victim. It is said that " As is our Pathology, so is our Practice". Thus a comprehensive knowledge in the subject of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology is very much essential for knowledge-based practice in clinical dentistry. Moreover, the students are also trained in the specialty in such a way that they will be able to pursue higher studies including Post-Doctoral Research in the field of Oral Cancer and Pre-Cancer. This department is proud to have one of the best teaching faculties in this country. The sprawling intra-departmental space, comprising of well-equipped class-rooms, histopathological laboratory and museum is used for proper teaching and training of budding dental surgeons.

The subject of Oral and Dental Anatomy and Histology deals with the study of normal macro and micro-anatomical details of the oral and Maxillofacial regions including the teeth and their supporting structures. The knowledge earned by the students in this subject is very essential for understanding of all the clinical speciality subjects in dentistry. This subject is taught with all possible care with the help of models, charts, microscopic slides as well as through LCD projection facilities.

The department is headed by Prof.(Dr.) R.R.Paul, renowned Oral Pathologist of India and former Post graduate teacher of R. Ahmed Dental College & Hospital, Kolkata.