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Department of Orthodontics Dentistry

Orthodontics (Ortho-Straight, Dontia-Teeth) is a specialization in dentistry aimed at correction of malpostioned teeth, jaws and the face in general. The discipline involves comprehensive alignment of the teeth with fixed braces temporarily placed in the mouth. The prime-motivating factor for the patients seeking orthodontic treatment is achieving a harmonious facial appearance and a perfect smile.

Advanced treatment modalities also help growth guidance in children with anomalies. This treatment modality which is today popularly known as "Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics" involves growth guidance of skeletal structures and soft tissue components of the face with functional and orthopedic appliance systems, to harmonise facial proportions. Distraction Osteogenesis is another upcoming modern avenue in this discipline for treatment of facial asymmetries by inducing bone growth in adult facial skeleton.

GNIDSR has fully equipped Orthodontics department under-taking elaborate treatment of children & adults with various orthodontics and orthopedic necessities. A warm and cordial environment awaits patients to the department. The department is headed by Dr. Ashok Surana, renowned Orthodontist of West Bengal.