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Department of Pathology

Pathology means study (Logos) of suffering (Pathos). It is the main subject specifically bridging both basic sciences and clinical practice and devoted to the study of the structural and functional changes in cells, tissues and organs that underlie diseases by the use of molecular, immunological & morphological techniques, pathology attempts to explain the 'way' and 'wherefrom' of the signs and symptoms manifested by patients while providing a sound foundation for rational clinical cure and therapy. The aspects of a disease process is the core of pathology and involves to know the cause, the mechanisms of its developments, the structural alterations induced in the cell and organs and their clinical significance.

Department of Pathology of GNIDSR is well equipped with all modern state of the art equipment's and facilities to provide an excellent quality of education, diagnosis and research. Practical classroom for the students have all the facilities of a modern pathology laboratory.

Besides, practical classrooms, there are pathology museum and research laboratory and departmental library. Tutorial classrooms equipped with overhead projector, computer and CCTV projector facilities. The pathology department have highly qualified and experienced teaching faculties headed by Dr Manimala Ray,

MBBS (C.U.), D.C.P. (C.U.), MD (Pathology) (C.U.)