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Department of Pedodontics

The Department of Pedodontics of GNIDSR provides affectionate and personalized treatment of international standard to infants and children upto 14 years of age in a very much child friendly atmosphere.

Restoration to normal shape, size and shade of decayed, fractured and mutilated teeth remain as key performance of this department. Silver Amalgam, Glass Ionomer Cement, Composite Resins and Steel Crowns are in routine use to meet the restorative requirements. In advanced situation pulpal treatment, both preventive, conservative as well as invasive procedures like pulpectomy, apexification and root canal treatment are regular features. Besides restoration of teeth, helping the children to develop their dentition in proper alignment by preventive and interceptive orthodontic measures are also in the work agenda of the department.

Lastly, to help a child grow healthy, specially in terms of dentofacial aspect, patient and parent counseling spells the moral obligation of this department to the human beings. A well-proportioned combination of young energetic doctors and widely experienced senior teachers compose the best possible service team. The department is headed by Dr.Subrata Sarkar, former Professor & Principal of R.Ahmed Dental College & Hospital, Kolkata.