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Department of Periodontia

The discipline of Periodontics (peri=around, don=tooth, tics=discipline) deals with the disease and treatment of supporting and investing structures of teeth. Epidemiological surveys indicate that the periodontal disease are prevalent in over 98% of Indian population and this is one of the major cause of tooth loss in developing country like India.

The discipline of Periodontics offers DCI formulated course through lectures on fundamental course on Periodontics using computerized digital gadgetries. The intensive clinical training entails the state-of-the art current hands on techniques for treatment strategies on preventive and prophylactic measures, surgical modalities of periodontal pocket eliminations, interventional basics of Periodontal plastic and aesthetic surgery for mucogingival problems, subtractive and reconstructive osseous surgeries including bone augmentation through Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) utilizing various alloplastic bone graft biomaterials as well as natural sources. The department promotes remedial measures for inter-disciplinary problems like Perio-Endo, Perio-Prostho, Perio-Ortho and Perio-Restorative inter relationship. It plays a major role in dental implantology.

The department possess an excellent team of faculty having vast teaching experience supported by a band of clinical tutors and experienced dental hygienist. The teaching faculty members are also engaged in research and higher studies. In very near future this department will have its post-graduate division to cater the extended service to ailing people and also promote the teaching of Periodontology.

The department is run by experienced faculty members and technical personnel. This department is headed by Dr. Tamal Kanti Pal, MDS, (Lko), Ph.D. (JU), former Professor & H.O.D, Periodondics of R. Ahmed Dental College, Kolkata recipient of President's NRDC Award (1998).