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Department of Pharmacology

Pharmacology i.e. Drug Sciences impart basic knowledge of mechanism of action, clinical utilization & kinetics of drugs. Thus teaching in Pharmacology involves Rational Therapy mainly how to write a good prescription avoiding adverse reactions and undesirable interaction of drugs. Students in their 2nd Year BDS classes are taught, besides theoretical classes in Pharmacology, practicals on Pharmacy and dispensing required for day to day practice. Experiments on intact laboratory animals and isolated organs are demonstrated with students participation to show the effects of drugs and interpretation of their clinical significance.

In addition to delivering didactic lectures, this department emphasizes on tutorials and practical demonstrations with audiovisuals facilities available in this institution.

The aim of teaching in this department is to give a succinct comprehensive knowledge on essentials of pharmacology and rational drug treatment.

  1. Kymographs and electronic stimulator for practical demonstrations in experimental classes
  2. Isolated organ baths and two unit baths for bioassay
  3. Dispensing and chemical balances and different glass goods

The department is run by experienced faculty members and technical personnel. Dr. Sukanta Banerjee Chowdhuri, MD (C.U.), Ph.D (C.U.), having teaching experience of 33 years and associated with Research in Pharmacology for 36 years with Publications of about 40 research papers, worked as Professor and Head of the Department, Department of Pharmacology at Burdwan Medical College, Burdwan, for 5 years and retired as Professor & HOD, Calcutta National Medical College, Calcutta, heads the department.