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Department of Prosthetics & Dental Materials

The field of Prosthetic Dentistry encompasses all possible treatments of a missing tooth or teeth as well as congenital or acquired abnormalities of oral and facial structures, by an artificial one. This important branch of dentistry can be traced back to the history of the ancient times and is still growing. This includes about 60% of the syllabus in all dental curricula internationally. An undergraduate student of dentistry has to attend classes in this subject in all the years of the study and face two university examinations conducted by this department. An appreciably good prosthodontic job has to be backed by excellent laboratory support apart from an experienced prosthodontist and skillful technician.

Our institution can boast of a fully equipped prosthodontic lab with all modern instruments procured from globally reputed manufacturers. This includes modern gadgets like Induction Casting Machine (Bego, Germany), fully programmable wax burn out furnaces (Sirio, Italy), Eastblast sand blaster (Bego, Germany), Laser guided die pin setter with electrically operated die cutting saw, electric wax melting pot, ultrasonic cleaners and so on. A separate air-conditioned enclosure houses the Touch & Press ceramic furnace (Dentsply, USA). These facilities help in rendering state of the art training to students as well as provide best service to the patients. Recently Leewah system for fabrication of cast partial denture has been introduced in the department. A fleet of experienced, energetic and enthusiastic teachers constitutes the faculty, who have post graduate qualifications from universities respected throughout the country and put in tireless efforts both in clinics as well as with the students. Class examinations are held regularly to monitor and evaluate the progress of the students.

Skilled and experienced prosthodontic technicians have been recruited to provide excellent laboratory back up.

The department is capable of delivering all possible prosthodontic treatment and has already made those available to the patients. A surgeon is capable of prolonging a life, but it is the prosthodontist who takes pride in improving the quality of that increased lifespan. All successful dental professionals must possess a sound knowledge in this branch of dentistry. Concerted efforts are now on to develop a super-speciality postgraduate training center, which will be acclaimed universally. The Department is headed by Dr. S. Sen, former HOD of R. Ahmed Dental College & Hospital.